Iphone 7 128GB Price In India-How To Set Back Tap Feature In Iphone

Iphone 7 128GB Price In India-How To Set Back Tap Feature In Iphone-There are many new features for iPhone users with the iOS 14 update. Today we tell you a few feature that’s a touch strange and new iPhone. you want to have seen such features in Android smartphones.

BackTap feature

In iOS 14, the backcap feature has been given. you’ll do two things by tapping the rear of the phone. There are two belongings you can set.

Two options are available under the BackTap feature. Double tap and triple tap. By going into settings, you’ll set any task consistent with your mind here.

Iphone 7 128GB Price In India-How To Set Back Tap Feature In Iphone-₹34,900

How to set the backtap feature

1-Go to your iPhone settings.
2-Tap accessibility
3-Select Touch option
4-Scrolling will appear at rock bottom of the rear Tap
5-Double Tap and Triple Tap will appear as soon as you tap Back Tap
6-By tapping on double tap you’ll get an inventory of tasks
7-You can select one from this list.
8-Similarly, you’ll select the task by getting to triple tap option. Now after this, you’ll do this work by tapping the rear of the phone twice or thrice.

Iphone 7 128GB Price In India-How To Set Back Tap Feature In Iphone

For example, if you set the double tap for the center , the center will open as soon as you tap the rear of the phone. Similarly, if you set the triple tap to require a screenshot, then the phone’s screenshot are going to be saved as soon because the triple tap is taken.

The thing to notice is that the rear Tap feature will only work with iOS 14 if you’ve got an iPhone 8 or above. Because this feature isn’t supported in older iPhones.

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